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Brunch with a Purpose

The Story

In 2008, we hosted the first Party with a Purpose. We wanted to add a giving back component to our holiday gathering. On that year, there was a huge snowstorm and only 6 guests made it to the party. Other friends and family still showed up in phone calls and texts donating and bidding on items and raising money for the food bank.


We continued to increase momentum with every party over the years. We encouraged friends and family to bring new guests to be part of the holiday. We pivoted in 2009 to supporting and supporting micro-lending around the world. It is a great organization and we continue to re-loan money at Kiva every month. If you would like to see our progress at Kiva or make a donation to that cause, follow the link below. 


In 2018 we shifted our support to the South Puget Sound Community College and started the LGBTQ+ Student Success Fund. This fund is great because it not only awards scholarships but mini grants can be given to students who need emergency funds for rental assistance, car problems, school supplies, etc. Annually, we update our impact on the fund below. You can make donations to that fund at any time at and in the additional comments let them know your donation is for the Brunch with a Purpose LGBTQ+ Student Success Fund. Custom Home Decor


We couldn't do it without all the friends, donors, sponsors, family and College leaders and supporters who have made it happen! THANK YOU.

Thank You To Our Sponsors



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